Politico Hype! Hillary Leads Trump, Based on Dubious Input from Partisan Hack Pollster

July 10th, 2024 9:29 AM

Mockingbird media outlet Politico seems to have a presidential preference for 2024. Hillary Clinton. Yes, the desperation among Democrats is so great with the rapid decline of Joe Biden that they are willing to dig up failed retreads from the past if they have the proper approval. And how do we know that Politico favors that particular failed retread? Because they are hyping a highly dubious poll by partisan hack Fernand Amandi as you can see in this Tuesday story, "Poll finds Biden damaged by debate; with Harris and Clinton best positioned to win."

A top Democratic pollster has a new survey showing President Joe Biden still in contention against Donald Trump, but at further risk of losing the election — with other leading Democrats now surging ahead.

The national poll, conducted and commissioned by the firm Bendixen & Amandi after Biden’s politically disastrous debate and shared exclusively with POLITICO, found Biden trailing Trump, 42 percent to 43 percent.

,,,Vice President Kamala Harris is now running ahead of Trump, 42 percent to 41 percent, the survey found. And former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the 2016 nominee who is not being seriously discussed as a candidate by voters anxious about Biden’s chances, is slightly ahead of Harris. Clinton leads Trump 43 percent to 41 percent.

The poll also tested other potential Democratic tickets — and found one headed up by Clinton, with Harris staying on as her vice presidential nominee, in the strongest position. Clinton-Harris is beating Trump 43 percent to 40 percent, a four-point advantage over Biden-Harris.

Fernand Amandi, the veteran Miami-based pollster whose firm advised former President Barack Obama in his two presidential campaigns and conducted the new poll on Biden and Democrats, pointed to the more than one-third of Democrats who both don’t view the president as fit to run and said he shouldn’t continue on in the contest. “Voters have significant concerns about President Biden’s advanced age, and their concerns have only grown louder,” he said. “But [they are] still not enough where it has made the race a blowout for Trump.”

And now Amandi's surprise, SUPRISE, over who performed the best in his poll consisting of 1000 people nationally:

Amandi said he was most taken aback by the Democrat who outperformed the others.

“I’m really surprised by Hillary’s strength,” he said. “While some dismiss her as yesterday’s news and a candidate of the past, voters at least in this poll suggest they may be open to a Clinton comeback and that a ticket with Clinton as president and Harris as vice president is even ‘stronger together’” he added, referring to the slogan for Clinton’s unsuccessful campaign in 2016.

Could you be just a little more subtle in promoting You-Know-Who, Fernand, before passing it along to Politico for greater amplification?

The new survey of 1,000 likely November voters had a 3.1 percent margin of error and was conducted between July 2 and July 6.

That's not a survey of 1000 voters in a particular state or even in the battleground states collectively but nationally. An average of 20 voters per state and even less per state in the below average population states. Check out the Bendixen & Amandi poll featuring the "mixed mode hybrid methodology" for yourselves which claims to have a margin of error of only +/- 3.1%. Not to be confused with those much inferior polls with a margin of error of +/- 3.2%.

This latest poll gives off similar vibes of a Bendixen & Amandi poll in March 2019 with a +/- 4.0% margin of error that showed that Donald Trump had only 40% support in Florida for reelection. Oh, and that poll was also hyped by Politico. Unfortunately for the pollsters and Politico, the poll fell well outside of the margin of error in 2020 when Trump won Florida by a margin of over 370,000 votes.

You would think that just based on accuracy alone, Politico should refrain from hyping the Bendixen & Amandi polls featuring their "mixed mode hybrid methodology." However there is another reason to shun Fernand Amandi; his unsavory reputation as a Slimemeister. Just a few weeks ago in June, Amandi spouted yet another Trump-Hitler comparison on MSNBC when he told host Joy Reid, "But you also have to acknowledge the fact that Trump is utilizing the same language, the same demonization, and the same use of immigrants, now, in 2024, that Hitler used for Jews in the 1930s."

To paraphrase an old proverb for Politico, when you lie down with Fernand Amandi, you get up with fleas. And that is an accurate proverb within a +/- 3.1% margin of error.