Twitter Working on New Censorship Shtick: 'Misinformation' Warning Labels

June 3rd, 2021 6:32 AM

Because Twitter apparently doesn't feel as if we already have enough censorship, they have  decided they need to add warning labels to our tweets. Not just one kind of warning label but three different types of warning labels. 

On May 31 9TO5Mac revealed the Brave New World of Twitter censorship via warning labels that is almost upon us in "Twitter is working on three different misinformation warning labels."

Twitter is working on misinformation warning labels, according to the researcher Jane Manchun Wong.

After introducing the “read before you retweet” pop-up, the social network is now working on three levels of misinformation warning labels:

“Get the latest”
“Stay Informed”

According to researcher Wong, Twitter will prompt one of the three warning labels depending on the tweet content.

Here are the examples that Wong used to illustrate the three warning levels on the road to censorship:

Hmmm... And what happens when yesterday's "fact" turns into today's misinformation such as news of Hunter Biden's laptop is due to Russian disinformation? Or perhaps there is absolutely no basis for thinking that COVID-19 leaked from the Wuhan lab. Do the original tweet warning labels get replaced with  "Oopsie!" labels?

Exit question: Should a tweet stating that "@jack is a completely unbiased arbiter of what we can tweet" be given the "Misleading" label?