CNN's Gupta Questions WHO Credibility on Wuhan Lab Leak

April 15th, 2021 6:56 AM

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta seems to have been impressed by the opinion of the former CDC director Robert Redfield during an interview with him in March when he stated that the COVID-19 virus most likely leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China. So impressed, in fact, that Gupta appears to believe that it has shaken the credibility of the World Health Organization as he revealed during a Mediaite podcast last Thursday.

I hate to say this but because I think the World Health Organization is such an important entity and you think okay I'm creating a society on Planet Earth and I'm worried about the viral sort of pandemics that might occur. Let's create a huge organization that determines health for the world, the World Health Organization. It makes perfect sense.

The problem right now is I do question how independent they're able to act. Even with this most recent investigation, China had a lot of say in terms of who was actually going to be on that investigative committee. I've talked to people who actually went to China. They were primarily relegated to a hotel in Wuhan. So they're in Wuhan but they were not really parts of the country where they could make more accurate determinations about what happened here. So we may never really know. It's possible. Now they're saying they're going to the areas where the bat caves are and check for antibodies and people that live in those areas but look it's 15 months into things, they may have antibodies for totally different reasons now so we may never know for sure and I think as every doctor in the documentary said China has not been forthright historically and now there is increasing evidence that they were not forthright now as well. They would rather this theory not be validated.

Gupta added the caveat that the origins of the virus are still not certain, but "Just from an Occam’s razor standpoint, finding the simplest explanation, it would make sense,” pointing out the fact that there was a virology institute in Wuhan that “just happened to be studying bat coronaviruses” at the time the virus first began to spread. 

This latest opinion from Dr. Gupta stands in stark contrast with his own CNN which as recently as March 31 hyped the W.H.O. assertion that a lab leak was the least likely possibility with this mocking headline, "Lab leak Covid-19 theory is like something out of a comic book, virologist says."

...a World Health Organization report released Tuesday says the lab leak theory is the least likely of four scenarios its investigators considered. Most likely: the virus spread from its natural host, probably a bat, to another animal and then to people.

So will Gupta's new viewpoint prevail on CNN, or will they stick to the 2020 assertions this was all....bat guano? Would Gupta and CNN admit it's easier to consider the possibility of a lab leak and a WHO coverup... now that Trump is gone?