Katy Tur MSNBC Crew Suffer Hilarious Karen Face Mask Backfire

May 27th, 2020 10:09 AM

Many of us have seen videos of people acting like tattletale "Karens" during the coronavirus pandemic. However, few instances of "Karening" are quite as hilarious as what happened to MSNBC reporter Cal Perry when he tried to pull a Karen live on MSNBC on Memorial Day at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin when he pointed at someone who was not wearing a face mask. Little did he or Kathy Tur in studio expect the quick reply from the man who was "Karened" that completely exposed the hypocrisy of MSNBC that completely flustered poor Perry and instantly deflated Tur.


Ouch! Watching the flustered Perry would be painful were it not so hilarious.

You can also see this incident from the perspective of the man being Karened who also revealed on his cell camera that maskless MSNBC cameraman at the same time Cal Perry took him to task for not wearing a face mask.


Of course, there was quite a reaction to that incident including this one on the scene where a passerby told the hypocritical MSNBC crew to "go home!"


Exit question: Which video better demonstrates media hypocrisy: The MSNBC one above featuring Cal Perry suffering a Karen backfire or CNN's Kaitlan Collins pulling her face mask off in the White House the moment she thought the press briefing room camera had turned off?