Newsweek: Golden Retrievers More Scary than Antifa

July 26th, 2019 7:57 PM

Newsweek, which changed hands a few years ago for the grand total of a buck, is now promoting the idea that the left-wing Antifa is basically a harmless organization. This promotion of a touchy-feely Antifa was done via a guest columnist named Tae Phoenix who is described as "a singer-songwriter who uses music as a community organizing tool. She organizes with the Poor People's Campaign and Indivisible, among others."

The title of her column, "Ban Anitfa? I've Met Golden Retrievers Who Scared Me More," has Phoenix oozing over just how peaceable the Antifa kids are who must bear the burden of wearing black masks on a hot day:

These kids, most of whom were clearly overheating behind the black bandanas impractically tied across their faces, seemed enigmatic and slightly silly to me; but nothing about their posture or behavior struck me as remotely menacing. I've met golden retrievers who scared me more.

Sorry, I've been bitten by a golden retriever, and it was nothing compared to the violence that Antifa recently perpetrated on journalist Andy Ngo.

...the vast majority of terrorist attacks on American soil are motivated by right-wing extremism, and terrorists typically attack soft targets such as places of worship, workplaces, schools, or clinics. By aiming at people going about their daily lives, terrorists sow fear and instability, often in an attempt to coerce powerful institutions into complying with their demands.

I guess Phoenix slept through the 9-11 attack, the biggest act of terrorism in American history.

So imagine my concern when I heard his talking points about those black-clad youngsters coming out of the mouths of United States Senators last week; as Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) introduced a Senate resolution to declare Antifa a terrorist organization.

An organization that threatens as well as perpetrates violence being declared a terrorist organization? Most people would claim that sounds like a logical step.

I won't deny that Antifa employs physical violence and destroys property for political aims. But they typically confine their actions to throwing punches when they see the need to de-platform someone inciting violence against vulnerable populations, as one Antifa activist famously did during a TV interview with white supremacist pundit Richard Spencer in early 2017. They also step in when they see right-wing groups menacing vulnerable people as they did in Charlottesville during the Unite the Right events there in 2017.

And how would you classify the brain hemmorage Antifa gave to Andy Ngo? Believe me, minor bites from a hyperactive golden retriever is much preferable.