Rob Reiner: 'Piles of Evidence of Collusion' in Mueller Report

Where's the evidence, Rob?

On Friday's Morning Joe, director and actor Rob Reiner claimed that there were "piles of evidence of collusion" in the Mueller Report.  Yet in the video for Now This that Reiner directed there is not a word about collusion in the Mueller Report. In fact, it focuses solely on obstruction of justice for a crime that the Mueller Report never identified. Liberals pretend that the president somehow cannot fire employees in the Department of Justice.

First let us watch Reiner make his loud proclamation, not backed up by any evidence he provided either on Morning Joe nor in his Now This video, that there are "piles of evidence of collusion."

There is piles of evidence of collusion in the first volume of the report and as we point out over a thousand federal prosecutors say it's a slam dunk he would be indicted but for the fact he's a sitting president. 

As he sputtered away about how Trump is biggest criminal ever to sit in the White House, Reiner provided absolutely no samples of  "piles of evidence of collusion" to host Willie Geist nor to any of the rest of the Morning Joe crew. In fact if you look at the video Reiner directed for Now This introduced by the fake Robert Mueller imitator Robert De Niro, you will see all the prosecutors focusing solely on obstruction with not a mention of the underlying unproven crime of collusion (or conspiracy) with Russia. 


When you go to the ProtectDemocracy.Org website for the prosecutors' full statement referenced at the end of the video, you also will find not a single mention by them of either collusion or Russia. 

Fun fact: four of the supposedly nonpartisan prosecutors in this video are legal analysts for liberal networks: Mimi Rocha for MSNBC, and Elie Honig, Jennifer Rodgers, and Renato Mariotti from CNN.

Reiner stated that absolutely nobody -- "zero" people -- have read the Mueller Report. Wrong! It's a liberal best-seller! The Democrats in Congress thought it would be a good publicity stunt for them to read the full Mueller Report out loud.

The result was it boomeranged on them bigtime because it revealed in the words of those Democrats that there was no evidence for collusion. A compilation of those Democrats very painfully reading the portions of the Mueller Report -- quite clearly stating no collusion or coordination --was compiled by the Washington Free Beacon which you can see below.


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