NY Times Columnist Frank Bruni: Dummy Trump Needs Slide Show to Understand Mueller Report

Once again we have a member of the arrogant elite media promoting the idea that President Donald Trump is some sort of simpleton. This idea continues to be promoted despite the fact that he had the smarts to not only win the GOP nomination in 2016 against a crowded field but also beat that genius Hillary Clinton in the general election despite the big-brained press constantly repeating that Trump had no path to 270 electoral votes.

The latest iteration of Trump-as-idiot came to us on CNN's New Day. On Wednesday, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni claimed that Trump does not have the smarts to be able to understand the full Mueller report. Watch as he drips with disdain by absurdly claiming that Trump needs a picture slideshow to understand the special counsel's findings. 

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Frank, some of the reporting -- and this one is hard to believe. But officials tell CNN that the president is not expected to read the report himself. His legal experts will read it and tell him what's in there.

Stand by for extreme Bruni snark:

FRANK BRUNI: I'm laughing, because we keep hearing the president prefers pictures to words. I'm imagining someone doing a slideshow, you know, with little captions, here's what the report says.

He may not. He doesn't have that sort of discipline or span of attention.

I think this notion of him being mad at people is so interesting, though. Because he's sort of arguing against himself. Right If he's going to tell the public there's nothing here to see and I'm totally exonerated, then how does he get mad at what individual people said and how it made him look? Either there's nothing incriminating or he's mad at people for making him look bad, right?

And then CNN's legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin joined in with an almost obligatory slam at Fox News:

JEFFREY TOOBIN: When has Trump ever been intimidated by the idea of arguing contradictory things? I mean, don't you think it's entirely possible that he'll say, "This is a complete victory," which he will certainly say -- and Fox News will say this shows the whole thing was a scam, a nothing burger -- and "These people who betrayed me are horrible and liars and terrible."

A reminder to Toobin that CNN's own Van Jones also proclaimed Trump-Russia collusion to be a "nothing burger."

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