Ali Velshi Beats a Word to Death While Yelling at Howard Schultz

April 6th, 2019 3:35 PM

Bifurcated! Bifurcated! Bifurcated! Bifurcated!

MSNBC's Ali Velshi seems to love that word since he couldn't stop yelling it at possible presidential contender Howard Schultz on Friday. Velshi kept repeating "bifurcated" over and over and over again as if it was a weapon to be used to attack the former Starbucks CEO for the high crime of possibly splitting the anti-Trump vote in 2020. 

Here is Velshi yelling "bifurcated" so many times that one can't help but wonder if he gets paid by piece work based on how many times he can produce "bifurcated" during his segment:



A lot of Americans knew this a long time before you really rich guys started talking about how bifurcated America is, and that’s where we are today. So do you get why some people don’t think you’ve got all the answers that you rich guys who are I don't know told you that America is bifurcated?

Two sentences, two "bifurcateds." Great start, Ali! Here we go again:

What you get when rich guys have get into the bifurcation conversation that all of us have been having for decades.

"Bifurcation conversation?" And Ali scores a bonus point for rhyming:

If that’s true, why is Britain bifurcated? Why is France bifurcated? Why is Germany bifurcated? Why were the Arab countries bifurcated?

Rat-ta-tat-tat! The Starbucks Guy must feel like grabbing a latte after having been bifurcated so many times over by Velshi.

And if you thought Velshi had worn out the "bifurcated" welcome you would be wrong. He still had more "bifurcated" in him.

If that's your explanation, why is Britain bifurcated?

...You're telling me that our economic bifurcation in America is because of Democrats and Republicans not agreeing on policy? Why is Britain bifurcated?

I'll see your bifurcated Britain and raise you a bifurcated France and a bifurcated Germany.

Well, at least were finally done with Ali Velshi and his bifurcation infatuation. But wait! There's MORE! Give us an encore, Ali: "That's not the answer in all those countries and yet the world is bifurcated."

Not only is the whole world bifurcated but the entire universe is also chock full of bifurcated.