Rachel Maddow Emotionally Upset Over Mueller Report

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow wasn't quite as unhinged on Friday over her Mueller Report disappointment as she was on Election Night 2016 but you could hear the cracks in her voice and notice her eyes going moist.  Her emotions ran deep as Maddow reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was not blocked in any way by Attorney General William Barr from putting what he wanted into his report. 

Here is Maddow apparently fighting back the tears as she revealed her disappointment over the end of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation that obviously did not go the way she  wanted.

At least as far as this letter goes, from the Attorney General Bill Barr tonight, Barr says he never excised that power. He’s notifying Congress formally there was never anything the Special Counsel sought to do that Bill Barr stopped Mueller from doing. And that’s fascinating. Of course, everybody would like to hear that from Robert Mueller as well as from Bill Barr but at this point it is only Bill Barr who is speaking on Mueller’s behalf and Robert Mueller is still at this point publicly silent as he has been from the very beginning although we’ll have more on that in a moment.

Here is Maddow's initial reaction to the Mueller report as she took a break from her fishing trip in Tennessee.


Maddow also attempted to take solace in the belief that the Mueller Report is the start of something, not the end of something:


As more details of the Mueller Report emerge over the weekend and in the future, it could be possible to gauge the liberal disappointment with it by just observing Maddow's reactions to the report.

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