Politico Writer Desperately Hunts for Female Trump Supporter Who Flipped

October 26th, 2018 6:21 PM

One of the big liberal memes in this election season is about the many women who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 but have now seen the error of their ways and have decided to go Blue this year. And since there are supposed to be so many women in that category, they should be easy to find, right? Well, Politico writer Michael Kruse attempted to hunt them down but came up woefully short.

Kruse described his political safari to the wilds of North Carolina to find such a woman in his October 25 Politico Magazine article, "They’re Angry, Disgusted and Out for Revenge. But Do They Exist?" Well, to answer the question posed in the title, possibly not due to the author's hilarious failure to find such a person.

Kruse describes his great hope for what he believed would be an easy task at the start of his hunt which, as we shall see, turned out about as successful as finding Bigfoot:

 I was looking for a woman who voted for Trump in 2016 but now is angered or offended or disgruntled or just plain dispirited enough to flip. I wanted to talk to a Trump defector. Based on what I had read I figured it wouldn’t be too hard.

Poor Kruse is in for a yuuuuuuge surprise.

...I enlisted the assistance of a few of the more connected and vociferous of the McCready supporters I had met. They assured me these women existed—but that they wanted to keep quiet about this conversion. “Several friends are doing it … on the down low,” one of them told me. Another said she knows a Republican woman who “really wants [McCready] to win” but was getting “push-back from some in her circle” and simply didn’t “want to subject herself to more.” In the end, I talked to just one such woman—and she didn’t want me to use her name. 

Shhh! They really really exist but they have to keep their support for a Democrat on the down low out of fear of being burned at the stake.

Two years ago, she told me, she was more against Hillary Clinton than she was for Trump. She likes what Trump’s done with the economy and his stance on immigration but loathes the way he behaves. She flips back and forth between CNN and MSNBC and Fox News and isn’t sure whom or what to trust. She likes McCready. She respects his military service and appreciates that he’s more moderate and not “a fiery liberal.” But she worries. What if her vote is the vote that swings this district? And what if this is the district that swings the House? That result, she fears, would lead to a stalling of what she thinks are the good parts of the president’s agenda, and also, she suspects, would intensify the exhausting and exasperating partisanship she sees in Washington.

Sorry Michael but the political game warden has decided that an anonymous woman fearing that a vote for a Democrat would harm the president's agenda does not count towards your hunt quota.

The closest Kruse comes is when he finds a Republican woman who supports the Democrat candidate for Congress. Unfortunately, this also doesn't qualify towards his hunt count since that woman never supported Trump in the first place. 

His hunt for his elusive prey continues for the rest of the article but an obviously frustrated Kruse comes up empty. Perhaps he will have better luck tracking down a female Bigfoot who probably early voted for the Republican candidate.