Tucker Carlson: What Did Chuck Todd Know About Weinstein Story?

September 5th, 2018 2:47 PM

On Monday, Meet The Press host Chuck Todd challenged the media in a piece for The Atlantic to embrace what most of them are already embracing and in effect become part of the "resistance"  by urging them to "stop complaining---and start fighting back." Only a day later, Fox News host Tucker Carlson challenged Todd to pause "fighting back" long enough to explain what he knew about the NBC coverup of the Harvey Weinstein story.

It will be interesting to see if Todd takes a break from his media resistance lecture tour to address the challenge put forth to him by Carlson (emphasis mine):

TUCKER CARLSON: Here’s another question, how many people within the hierarchy of NBC knew about all of this? One obvious person to ask is Chuck Todd, he is the network's political director and host of “Meet The Press.” Todd is a famously connected guy. Information is his currency. How could he not know what was happening inside his own company?

NBC gets the biggest scoop of the year and then kills it mysteriously. Of course Chuck Todd knew. What does he think of that? Is squelching first-person accounts of sexual assault by powerful men consistent with Chuck Todd’s view of journalism? Is it ethical? Did Chuck Todd ever complain about this inside the building at NBC? Why did he not quit over it? Or is it better to shut up and pretend that sexual assault did not happen in the hopes of keeping the highest paying job that he will ever have? Maybe that is the answer. We do not know for sure, because Chuck Todd did not respond to our questions when we reached out today. But we will call again.

Soon we will have occasion to call, because the Daily Beast is preparing what sounds like a blockbuster investigation into serious and widespread personal misconduct both at MSNBC and at NBC News. It sounds shocking, and from what we can tell it sounds true. Will check back with Chuck Todd when it comes out and we will see what he has to say.

Carlson discussed Chuck Todd again with friend of this site, Washington Times editor, and WMAL host Larry O'Connor:

CARLSON: How can Chuck Todd host Meet The Press without at least issuing a statement saying "I agree with Andy Lack's lies" or "I distance myself from his lies." I mean how can we believe what he says when he's standing by this nonsense?

LARRY O'CONNOR: Well, of course Andy Lack is his boss...

O'Connor later pointed out the hypocrisy of Todd lecturing others while his own house needs to be cleaned up.

O'CONNOR: You mentioned Chuck Todd. He spent the last several days talking a lot about journalism. Talking a lot about how the media is the most unpopular entity in this country right now. And he's blaming everybody except, you know, clean up your own house. Look at what is going on in your building right now.

CARLSON: In other words your company covers up for an accused sex criminal and you never address it but you're empowered to lecture everyone else about their shortcomings.

It will be interesting to see how long, if ever, before Chuck Todd addresses the NBC coverup of the story about accused sex fiend Harvey Weinstein.