Ben Rhodes Election Night Shock Clip From HBO Becomes Internet Comedy Meme

June 16th, 2018 11:44 PM

Most of HBO's documentary The Final Year features members of former President Barack Obama's foreign policy team in 2016 oozing extreme hubris over how wonderful they thought they were. That came to an abrupt halt on Election Night when Donald Trump knocked them off their perches by winning the presidency. None was more shocked than Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes (although United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power came close). 

A clip from the documentary shows a devastated Rhodes sitting outdoors after discovering his liberal world has been shattered. His shock is so extreme that he is actually struck dumb and is unable to form any coherent words. It was a sharp contrast to his smug certainty of Hillary Clinton's victory expressed several times during the documentary. 

Here is that scene of a speechless Ben Rhodes described by David Burge of Iowahawk as "it takes a heart of stone not to laugh your ass off."

It was so powerfully funny that the video has inspired a growing number of remixed comedy memes on YouTube. Here are just a few of them starting with this election night remix with sad music and texting to Hillary.

Getting away from Election Night, the remixed video can also be used to comment on current events such as the historic Singapore Summit: 

Finally, my favorie Ben Rhodes comedy meme video so far in which he reacts directly to a call from President Donald Trump: