USA Today Publishes Downbeat Story on Singapore Summit

It must pain the news organization whose editorial board declared that Trump is "unfit to clean toilets" to report on the President at the historic Singapore Summit with the leader of North Korea. So how does USA Today handle it? By being downbeat on both the Summit and, of course, Trump himself. 

The USA Today hostility begins with their dire headline that declares Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un arrive in Singapore for nuclear showdown. Um, no. President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev going eyeball to eyeball during the Cuban Missile Crises was a nuclear showdown but the Singapore Summit is a, well, summit aka meeting. USA Today also quotes an American political science professor based in South Korea as an expert without noting that, as we shall see, he suffers from extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome.

And now the USA Today report dripping with disdain for You-Know-Who:

SINGAPORE – A day after arguing with western allies at the G-7 summit over trade, President Trump landed in Asia on Sunday prepared to declare victory in talks with a long-time adversary, nuclear-armed North Korea.

"Trump will hype this relentlessly, no matter what comes of it," tweeted Robert E. Kelly, a political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea who is town to comment on the summit for the BBC.

Even if Kim offers only "a fine-sounding rhetorical commitment, and maybe a few missile surrendered or some site closures," he said, Trump will "market this thing as something extraordinary for his voters back home."

Okay, stop the music! Most of you are probably unfamiliar with the name of Robert E. Kelly. However, if you do know of him, I would wager it is because he is the "BBC Dad" who was interrupted during an interview from South Korea by his kids. Yes, it was quite cute as you can see in this video but what you probably don't know is that Kelly is over the top hostile towards Trump.

The extent of Kelly's dislike for Trump can be see the moment you take a look at his blog whose June 9 post features a picture of Alec Baldwin doing his typical poor impression of Trump. His antagonism towards Trump begins with the blog post title, Singapore Summit: The Trump Show Goes to North Korea, and then degenerates from there:

This NYRB [New York Review of Books] essay focuses on the extraordinarily chaotic ‘process’ of Trump foreign policy-making applied to the North Korean case. The short version is that there is scarcely a process at all. Trump agreed to the North Korea summit 45 minutes after it was broadly suggested to him by the South Korean government. He has since done none preparation, and Bolton has all but abjured what NSA’s are supposed to do.

So now, we are basically going into this blind. It’s a Trumpian crap-shoot, and no one really knows the outcome will be, because no one knows what Trump will say, or worse what he will give up for his ‘win’ for the fall midterms. Call it this whole mess of reality TV affectations + incompetence + unprofessionalism the ‘Trump Show.’

My guess, the summit will be a nothingburger. The strategic and ideological divisions between the two sides are too wide for such a tight timetable, and Trump is way too checked-out from the details of nuclear missiles to seriously bargain the issue. Even Trump is now saying it’s just a ‘get to know each other’ meeting, which is default win for the Norks, because the get the photo-ops. So wait, why are we even doing this now?

In short, we should have cancelled long before, but now it is too late. And Rodman, Gorka, and Hannity are coming too, just to make sure this whole thing is a gonzo Trump Show entertainment-not-reality joke. Whatever…

As Kelly made clear in his own writing, anything he says about Trump should be taken with a yuuuuge grain of biased salt.

After quoting the Trump-deranged Kelly, USA takes another shot at Trump:

While fighting a trade war with allies, Trump now brings his America First negotiating style to the deadly topic of North Korea's nuclear weapons.

Of course what do you expect from a newspaper with an editorial board whose TDS  is just as deep as that of the political science professor they quote?

Finally, on a mercifully lighter note for exercise fans, I bring you the Kim Jong-un running bodyguards. Remember them? They first came to public attention back in April when Kim arrived in South Korea in a car flanked by a dozen running bodyguards. Great exercise when you think about it and they are now back in Singapore running alongside the car of their leader. Enjoy!


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