Gloomy Morning Joe Crew Deliver Very Grudging Praise to Trump on Korea

People on April 27 awoke to the astounding news and images of the historic summit meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea at the border truce village of Panmunjom. Although it is an extremely upbeat story perhaps signalling permanent peace on the Korean peninsula after 65 years of uneasy armistice, the mood on the Morning Joe set was about as joyful as a funeral parlor.

Joe Scarborough gave very grudging credit to President Donald Trump but every such word he uttered seemed quite painful as you are about to see. He was followed by regular panelist John Heilemann who seemed to be about ready to burst out crying as he reported this would give Trump the opportunity to say he was proven right.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: It's hard not to look at all the bluster and all the insults and all the threats from Donald Trump and not believe that that actually forced the North and the South to try to figure out a way to get together.

Heilemann followed up conceding that Trump could be proven to have been right all along with what seemed to be the most pain on his face since Election Night 2016:

JOHN HEILEMANN: The president is going to have some ground for saying all of you skeptics who said that that my rhetoric that my unconventional approach to this problem was foolish. You also said was provocative. You also said it was inflammatory and yet look what's happening right now in the Korean peninsula.

Skeptics such as you and Joe Scarborough, John?

As if to make amends to his liberal viewers for giving even a few words of very grudging praise to Trump, Scarborough followed up with a typical bitter tirade against the president including even the suggestion that he is demented.

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