Chuck Todd Overtalks Criticism of FBI Leadership by Congressman

January 5th, 2018 11:17 AM

Don "Dr. No! No!" Lemon of CNN shouts down contrary opinions he doesn't want to let his audience hear. Chuck Todd has a bit more subtle yet equally annoying method of accomplishing the stifling of inconvenient facts. He overtalks the interviewee. The more uncomfortable the fact is to liberal orthodoxy, the more desperately Todd performs his overtalk shtick.

An example of Todd overtalking in order to suppress facts he doesn't want his audience hear happened on Tuesday's Meet The Press Daily on MSNBC when he was interviewing Republican Congressman Mark Meadows. Because Meadows was presenting solid evidence of bias against President Donald Trump among the leadership of the FBI, Todd attempted to stamp out the discussion via overtalking Meadows as you can see in the video below. The more specific Meadows got with his evidence of bias at the top of the FBI, the more Todd tried to stop that flow of information via the overtalk interruptions.



CHUCK TODD: Do you think the FBI is biased against the President?

MARK MEADOWS: You know, I think the FBI has engaged in activities that they shouldn`t be engaged in. And so let`s take the most recent “New York Times” report that came out over the last few days.

In that report, you have six reporters reporting anonymous sources. But in that actual report, they talked about the fact that they have interviewed agents, both current and former agents, FBI/ DOJ agents, for their story.

Now, what agent would actually opine or give a reporter information on an ongoing investigation? It is a cardinal sin, and they can`t do that.

TODD: This is an issue all the time, but let me –

Let me begin to overtalk you because I am not comfortable where this is going.

MEADOWS: I do think there are people at the very top of the FBI that are not carrying out their constitutional duty without bias.

TODD: OK. But let me ask you this. If they were so anti-Trump, why did they keep the investigation into the President as a candidate secret, and why did they reopen an investigation into the President`s opponent?


TODD: I mean, I`d just throw that out, like –

MEADOWS: Yes, OK. So –

TODD: – this is where the facts don`t –

MEADOWS: So let`s –

TODD: – don`t fit the charges.

Ratta-tat-TAT! The facts don't fit the charges so I am keeping you from getting the facts out there by assaulting you with my overtalk. Oh, and did Chuck even notice how the leadership of the FBI was reluctant to release information relating to its investigation? It took months for us to even find out why Peter Strzok was removed from Robert Mueller's investigation team due to documented anti-Trump BIAS. Okay, back to Get Beat By The Press:

MEADOWS: Well, you know me. I`m one that will go to the facts. So we also know that there was conversations and – actually within DOJ and the FBI where, actually, documents or conversations were shared with the media prior to November 8th of 2016.

TODD: Right. But I –

MEADOWS: And that`s all going to come out.

TODD: I understand that, but what I`m trying to understand is what part of the investigation itself – I mean has any, like, falsified fact been found yet? Like there is an implication here that there`s these rogue agents running around –

MEADOWS: Oh, there`s all kinds of –

TODD: – creating fake –


TODD: – creating, like, fake investigations.

MEADOWS: Well, there`s all kinds of falsified facts, Chuck. If you look at what we`ve got from –

TODD: I`m trying to find one on –

MEADOWS: Well, let`s at the dossier.

TODD: – on some of these accusations that are out there.

MEADOWS: Let`s look at the dossier.

TODD: The dossier is not an FBI product.

MEADOWS: You`re right. You`re exactly right. It`s a $12 million Democrat product –

TODD: All right. Look –

Uh-oh! Time for Chuck's overtalk to go into high gear. Ratta-tat-TAT!

MEADOWS: – of which the FBI coopted and – listen, we don`t have to look any further than Bruce Ohr.

TODD: I understand that, but –

MEADOWS: No, but why would Bruce Ohr be meeting –

TODD: But let me ask you something, if there`s nothing –

MEADOWS: – with the person who wrote the dossier?

TODD: If there`s wrong that happened, why is everybody so worried about the investigators?

MEADOWS: Here`s why they`re worried about the investigators and why I believe that we need to investigate the investigators with a Special Prosecutor. When you have FBI agents –

TODD: Through the looking glass type of stuff.

MEADOWS: When you have FBI agents sharing with the media internal documents and internal conversations with the media on an ongoing investigation, that is not supposed to happen.

TODD: Under that scenario then, everything that Washington has reported on for the last 50 years deserves a Special Prosecutor, sir.

MEADOWS: No, no, no, no.

TODD: I mean, are you saying that you are –

MEADOWS: No. No. I`m not saying that you and I can`t talk to – but law enforcement is held to a different standard.

TODD: I understand that, but we`re – anyway, we`re going to go round and round, and I`m going to run out of time.

Yeah, you ran out of time because you performed yet another overtalk filibuster of your guest presenting information you didn't want to get out there. If you look at videos of Meet The Press from years ago, the journalists would ask their guests a question and them allow them to actually answer without being constantly interrupted by overtalking designed to prevent the flow of information.