Puerto Rico: Lin-Manuel Miranda Deletes Tweet Thanking Trump

September 30th, 2017 12:58 PM

Before "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda was slamming President Donald Trump he was thanking him on Twitter as recently as September 26.  Since that very politically inconvenient tweet does not now fit into the current mainstream media and Democrat agenda to paint Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Puerto Rico as Trump's Katrina, Miranda found it necessary to send it down the memory hole via deleting it. Unfortunately for him, there is a screen shot of the tweet posted before the liberal effort went into overdrive to portray Trump as not caring about Puerto Rico.

Of course, back then the MSM was much more focused on the NFL protests than on the devastation left behind by Hurricane Maria. As Newsbusters' Nicholas Fondacaro revealed, the Big Three Networks between September 24 and September 25 "spent a total of 92 minutes and 33 seconds of airtime hyperventilating about Trump's feud with various sports athletes. Compared to the 25 minutes and 45 seconds of total airtime between the three for Puerto Rico, over those two days. That means the networks spent 3.6 times more airtime on Trump’s Twitter war than the humanitarian crisis."

Now the MSM focus is back on Hurricane Maria in large part because they think they can portray it as "Trump's Katrina." This politically motivated effort probably explains why Miranda had to scrub his previous tweet thanking Trump to be replaced by angry tweets attacking the President. Some sad examples of Miranda's tweet fury flurry from early this morning:




Of course, these deranged Miranda tweets are getting wide play now in the MSM. However, it would be enlightening if they would also include the Miranda quote thanking Trump before politics reared its ugly head.