Katie Couric Asks Embarrassingly Inappropriate Questions to Strangers

August 18th, 2017 12:03 PM

So just how low has Katie Couric fallen? The former co-host of the Today Show and anchor of CBS Evening News has been on a rapid career plunge recently. Her last regular gig was as Global Anchor for Yahoo!News but she left that in June. 

Couric has now apparently reached the bottom of the barrel. It is impossible to see how she could go any lower than this interview session for InStyle magazine where she asks cringeworthy questions to total strangers. Among the questions posed by Couric are "Do you watch porn?" and asking the husband half of a couple from Colombia, "Have you ever cheated on your spouse?" Watching the interview is actually much worse than reading about it so please be prepared to go into a state of total cringe.



The only slightly enlightening part of the interview was when someone turned a question around on Couric and asked if she watched porn.

KATIE COURIC: No, not really. I sometimes have signed up for it in a hotel but I watch 30 seconds and I'm like, this is so gross, and then I turn it off and then I lose 999. 

That is a YES, Katie. And that means you have admitted you watched it at least several times (and probably more) in a hotel (and probably at home). Yeah, that porn is "so gross" that you have "sometimes" signed up for it in hotels.

At the beginning of the interviews, Couric referenced an article she wrote for InStyle magazine. It is chock full of braggadocio. Some excerpts:

...I excitedly told my teacher, Mrs. Lowry, that I was ready to go. She said we still had plenty of time to learn the words, but since I had already mastered them, she let me read them off the board in front of the class. I killed it.

...I’ve always tried to step back and ask the big questions too, something that’s often hard for journalists in our increasingly frenzied news cycle.

...Trying to grasp the big picture led me to make documentaries exploring these topics.

Yes, we remember one of those documentaries, Under the Gun, which was deceptively edited to make it seem that gun rights people were unable to answer a question.

Instead of humiliating herself by asking embarrassing questions of total strangers it would be interesting to see if Couric would dare to ever ask probing questions of sacrosanct liberals such as Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe. Her former CBS colleagues let McAuliffe off the hook yesterday by failing to ask him why his own state police contradicted his false claims about Charlottesville.  Would Couric have the guts to ask McAuliffe about this or will she continue to humiliate herself by asking idiotic questions to strangers simply for shock value?