Anthony Scaramucci Offers to Bring CNN Box of Kleenex After 2020 Election

July 23rd, 2017 10:33 PM

Remember the great sadness among the mainstream media on Election Night last year when it dawned on them that Donald Trump would be elected president against all expectations of the polls and pundits? Martha Raddatz even cried during the ABC News coverage of the election. Therefore imagine the flow of tears on Election Night 2020 if there is a repeat performance and Donald Trump is re-elected. 

That scenario came to mind at the tail end of a heated interview between Jake Tapper and the new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on the July 23 State Of the Union. As if to take a bit of an edge off the tension, Scaramucci offered to bring a box of Kleenex to CNN after the next presidential election. Tapper took the tweaking in stride but was his boss, Jeffrey Zucker already getting moist in the eyes at the very thought of a President Donald Trump until January 20, 2025:

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: If I said some things about him when I was working for another candidate, Mr. Trump, Mr. President, I apologize for that. Can we move on off of that? I know you and I have moved on off of that. Jake hasn't moved on off of that, obviously. And that's OK, Jake. I don't care. But I'm going to be working for you. And I'm going to serve the American people. And we're going to get your agenda out into the heartland, where it belongs. And we're going to turn this thing into a movement, a bigger movement than we have already.

JAKE TAPPER: I -- I -- I love how you're talking to one specific viewer right now, the -- the -- the most -- the most important audience that there is.

SCARAMUCCI: I like talking to him. But you know who else I'm talking to? The people I grew up with.

TAPPER: I get it.

SCARAMUCCI: And they get -- they get me and they get him. And he's going to...

TAPPER: I grew up in a very similar neighborhood in Philadelphia.

SCARAMUCCI: And he's going to -- he's going to win again. He's going to win again, Jake. He's going to win again. I will bring a box of Kleenex over here to CNN in 2020.

TAPPER: We don't -- we don't need Kleenex. We don't need any Kleenex.

SCARAMUCCI: He is going to win again, Jake.

So let's see. Right now for 2020 it looks like Donald Trump will run against Bernie or Pocahontas or Kamala...Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hey, Mr. Scaramucci! Could you also send a box of Kleenex my way since I already have tears running down my cheeks laughing over the image of the Democrat 2020 lineup?