London Terror Attacks: CNN Host Reza Aslan Curses Out Trump

June 3rd, 2017 11:49 PM

Reza Aslan, the human brain-eating CNN host of Believer expressed not the slightest hint of sympathy for the victims of the June 3 terror attacks in London on Twitter. Instead, he was solely animated by intense hatred of President Donald Trump to the extent that he cursed him out as you can see in the following tweet:

As you can imagine, Aslan's totally inappropriately deranged outrage at Trump rather than the terrorists elicited quite a reaction both on and off of Twitter. One of the many critics is media analyst Mark Dice who, after observing that "You ate human brains bro. Human brains. On CNN," posted this tweet:

Aslan followed up with another tweet, not to apologize but to get in another cheap shot slam at President Trump:

Exit question: Are there any other CNN (or MSNBC) hosts with such a distorted set of priorities about the London terror attacks?