Hilarious Videos of Liberal Mental Meltdowns Over Trump Victory Go Viral

November 12th, 2016 12:52 PM

I believe it was Rush Limbaugh who once said that liberals in power are dangerous but once they are out of power they are funny. And when they unexpectedly lose power in a most stunning way as happened last Tuesday when Donald Trump won the presidency, they are absolutely hilarious as you will see. 

Right now on YouTube there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of hilarious liberal mental meltdown compilation videos which have gone viral. Once you start watching them you just can't stop enjoying the over the top real life comedy. So let your humble correspondent be your guide through just a couple of these videos as I review the highlights.

"OMG!!! WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!!" So screamed the woman at the beginning of the first video below. And that pretty much sets the tone for the hilarious liberal panic that follows.

The clip starting at the 0:41 mark only lasted a few seconds but the very desperate nature of the guy furiously packing his suitcase as soon as Trump won puts this in the top ten of all such videos so far. And what was the purpose of the baseball bat? To hold off the Trump Troopers about to break through the door to haul him and the cat he was yelling at to the re-education camp?

What you see at the 2 minute mark with the hooded guy was way beyond a mere meltdown video. It was also an aerobic workout video. He probably burned off more calories in that segment with his wild arm and hand gestures as well as leg movements than most people do in an aerobics session. Dude! Take your meltdown segment and remarket it as an exercise video chock full of hilarious comedy.

Following that workout session disguised as a meltdown video, we have a cameo appearance of Miley Cyrus at 3:38 melting down. I hate to break it to you, Miley, but even though you gave it a good effort, your meltdown pales in comparison to the Perez Hilton Meltdown.

So what is my favorite segment of the liberal mental meltdown videos so far? It has to be the totally unhinged woman screaming at the 0:37 mark of the following video. Believe me. She does NOT hold back. She can't believe Trump has been elected president and she expect us to fix this situation RIGHT NOW!!!

KILL ME!!! KILL MEEEEEE!!!! The prospect of a Trump presidency is so unbearable that I want you to KILLLLL MEEEEE!!!! And that is what the deranged motorist demands following the the deranged woman just mentioned at 0:52. So desperate is he to bid goodbye cruel world that he ditches his car and runs onto the busy roadway demanding "KILL ME!" to the other drivers. The footage of his abandoned car with the door left open at the end of the segment is a nice finishing touch.

At 1:58 begins several minutes of absolute grief from Hillary supporters shedding tears at her "victory" party at the Javits Center. Enjoy!

There are plenty more such videos for you to enjoy on YouTube. I think we can look forward to at least four more years of similar entertainment with a big surge in hilarious meltdown videos due to arrive this January 20.