Clueless WashPost Columnist Crashes, Burns on O'Reilly While Fumbling for Quotes

October 25th, 2016 4:19 PM

"Oh, um. Let's see. Um. That would have been onnnn... Uhhhh.... Let's see if I have the date exactly... It would have been onnnnn.... 'Lock her up' would have been onnnn..."

No, I am not indulging in a bit too much of fermented extract of sugar cane. Instead I am directly quoting "conservative" Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin as she struggled in a most hilarious fumbling way on The O'Reilly Factor last night to find a quote where the host supposedly made excuses for "lock her up."

Rubin,  "conservative" in the same sense that David Brooks is "conservative," never did find that quote no matter how often challenged to do so by Bill O'Reilly but her ditzy self-humiliating effort to try most definitely qualifies that episode in any compendium of Top 10 Most Humiliating TV Moments as you can see in the following slapstick comedy video of the encounter:


BILL O'REILLY: When did I make excuses for "lock her up?"

JENNIFER RUBIN: Oh, um. Let's see. Um. That would have been onnnn... Uhhhh.... Let's see if I have the date exactly... It would have been onnnnn.... 'Lock her up' would have been onnnn... In April and also in August. In August, rather in October, if you remember, Charles Krauthammer came on and had a very vivid...

O'REILLY: Wait a minute. What did I say in April and August? What exactly did I say?

RUBIN: Well, we could go through all of them.

O'REILLY: No, I want that one.

RUBIN: Which one in particular?

O'REILLY: April or August.

RUBIN: Okay. Um...let's see. In August, um, let's see... Um... We had comments that you were going to... "If someone is being really dishonest," referring to the press corp, you would strip them of their credentials as well. It doesn't sound like an independent thing...

O'REILLY: That doesn't have anything to do with "lock her up." You are ill-prepared for this interview Miss Rubin.

RUBIN: No I'm not. I have a list here.

O'REILLY Miss Rubin I have just given you a minute where you hemmed and hawed. You said I justified a comment, "lock her up." You can't point to it. And then you pivot to something else. You are ill-prepared for this. And this is the point I want to make. Your column and blog are a fraud...

You said it in August or April. Or rather in October you ordered a pizza. I have the proof. Um...let's see. Onnnn August, or maybe April, uhhh... Let's see if I have the date exactly... ummm... It's here somewhere uhhhh...

Do you think Jennifer Rubin couldn't act even more confused? Well there's more starting at the 4 minute mark of the video:

RUBIN: October 10th. You defend Trump's promise to put Hillary in jail. October uhhh...

O'REILLY: Well, tell me how I did that. You can't just throw out... What did I say? 

RUBIN: You said it was a perfectly defensible position. You can go to your own...

O'REILLY: No I didn't. That's not true. I didn't say it was a perfectly defensible position. Read it. Read my comments. Do you have my comments there? Read them.

RUBIN:  I don't have them word for word but I have the date. You know what I'll do, Bill? I'll put them up at my website.

O'REILLY: Go ahead. And you know how many people will come to your website? Zero. Because you're not an honest person. 

After this bit of confusion on her part, Rubin again switched topics and closed out the interview by accusing O'Reilly of racism.

So did Rubin ever find those supposed O'Reilly quotes that she was fumbling around for? Apparently never because today I checked her Right Turn blog entries at the Washington Post and the closest she came was a slam on O'Reilly sans the quotes she claimed she had but somehow just couldn't find:

Trump’s frustration with criticism is why he now will venture only into havens such as Bill O’Reilly’s show, where the host will happily serve him up softballs, attest to his honesty, sympathize about the media, ridicule critical coverage from real newspeople, make excuses for Trump’s incitement of violence, defend other outrageous statements and indulge his racism directed at Judge Gonzalo Curiel. No wonder the real media seems so hostile to Trumpkins, when they’ve gotten used to characters such as Sean Hannity, who thinks the National Enquirer is a reliable source.

Um... yeah. So we are STILL waiting for those O'Reilly quotes. Maybe you left them under the staircase or could they be stashed away somewhere in a well-stocked medicine cabinet?

Perhaps Rubin is hoping that we would forget about her O'Reilly quotes that she never could find along with her wacky behavior on the air last night but many of her readers provided painful reminders of that humiliating encounter in the comments section:

This woman exposed herself as a complete moron last night on O'Reilly's show where she couldn't put a complete sentence together without stammering.

Jennifer...given that you left the O'Reilly segment last night exposed as a liar, why don't you post the information to justify your claims?

Jennifer watched your appearance on O'Reilly, sorry to say it didn't go well for you.

I did happen upon your segment on O'Reilly. Extremely embarrassing for you or should be) but I do believe that you represented the liberal mindset accurately...ignorant to facts, when confronted to prove your claims you attack and pivot...often to racism.

Exit question: How did Bill O'Reilly maintain a straight face without bursting out laughing while Jennifer Rubin was slapstick fumbling for the fictitious quotes?