Atlantic Writer Wants 'The Apprentice' Producers to Release Raw Footage

September 19th, 2016 7:23 PM

Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic magazine can hardly contain his excitement. He believes he has found the key, THE KEY, to finally bringing down the candidacy of Donald Trump. According to Friedersdorf, if voters spend the time to watch thousands of hours of raw unedited footage of The Apprentice, it will make them realize that (GASP!) reality TV not quite real and that much of it has been left on the editing room floor thus causing them to turn against Trump.

If you can read his reality TV exposure premise without bursting out laughing starting with the title, The People Behind The Apprentice Owe America the Truth About Donald Trump, then you have more self control than your humble correspondent.

Why do tens of millions of Americans believe that Donald Trump, who has no experience in domestic or foreign policy, is qualified to lead the United States government?

One major reason is The Apprentice.

The popular reality-television show portrayed its host in a favorable but contrived light. He would sit at a big, wooden conference table, reviewing business tasks that two teams competed to carry out. The winning team would often get his circumspect praise. With the losing team, Trump usually seemed able to pinpoint a clear performance failure and to accurately identify the person most responsible for it.

...The problem, of course, is that “reality television” shows are elaborately constructed lies. Many “real housewives” are not actually housewives! Trump’s boardroom scenes were no more “reality” than his time in the ring with Vince McMahon.

Wait, Conor! Are you suggesting, for example that there is no Amish Mafia and that Lebanon Levi never collected protection money? I'm not sure the public could tolerate such astounding revelations.

Meanwhile he reveals this shocker:

The producers of The Apprentice edited down hours of footage in ways that obscured many aspects of what actually happened; they advised Trump on who to fire and who to keep around; and the editing served to make Trump look better than he is.

WOW! They actually do that type of stuff in reality TV? It's just so hard to believe this level of deception.

...NBC presumably has unaired footage that bears on the right answer.

Yes! And as good citizens we must DEMAND that NBC set aside a couple of weeks of programming to make time to air the thousands of hours of raw footage of The Apprentice.

The stakes of this decision could not be higher.

Uh, if you say so, Conor. Meanwhile I DEMAND that the WWE release the raw unseen footage of when Trump assaulted Vince McMahon and shaved his head. What was left on the cutting room floor could be the KEY to bringing down Trump.