Shepard Smith on Trump: 'He Trades in Racism'

August 25th, 2016 6:34 PM

Fox News' Shepard Smith strayed from the Fox News script today while interviewing Wall Street Journal reporter James Grimaldi following Hillary Clinton's Reno, Nevada speech. Actually that's putting it mildly. Smith crashed through the barrier of at least putting up the appearance of neutrality and broke into the realm of flat out bias of the worst sort by charging Donald Trump with racism. If you think I am exaggerating, watch the following video of the exchange for yourself and you be the judge.

SHEPARD SMITH: That was an extraordinary moment live from Reno, Nevada. The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, Democratic candidate for the presidency, has just tagged her Republican rival as a racist, fearmongering conspiracy theorist who is tempermentally unfit to be president of the United States. The problem with any attempt to rebut her is that in this case she used Donald Trump's own words, was historically accurate on his policies, on all reviewed points. James Grimaldi is a Pullitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal, where do you begin with this?

JAMES GRIMALDI: I don't know, it was pretty extraordinary and pretty hard-hitting, and as you pointed out used his own words against himself. I think bringing up the Breitbart guy who's on the campaign -- I think it'll be interesting to see how he responds to this. He did try to do a pre-response, I think, but she, I think, is trying to match his very hard-hitting language with something that she considers hard-hitting, but thinks is more documented than maybe some of the attacks that he is leveling against her.

SMITH: Aren't they?

GRIMALDO: I'm sorry?

SMITH: When you say she thinks they would be more documented, is she accurate?

GRIMALDI: Yeah, they appear to be more documented. Yeah he really trades in hyperbole. 

SMITH: He trades in racism, doesn't he?

And there you have it. A television news anchor flat out accusing Trump of racism. Sorry, Shep, but you owe a huge apology to your audience for your extreme unprofessionalism. Why? Because you trade in bias.