NY Daily News: 'A Bigoted Former Mayor' to Speak at GOP Convention

July 14th, 2016 10:42 PM

An unprofessional reporter and his equally failed co-worker displayed one of the worst cases of extreme bias in the newspaper business.

Gee, did you think your humble correspondent was being perhaps a bit too harsh in his assessment of reporters Denis Slattery and Adam Edelman of the New York Daily News? Not after you read their article which is like extreme bias on steroids. Without even the slightest hint of subtlety they let their biases unashamedly hang out just dripping with obvious hate for all to see. You will already have an idea where they are going with the story just from the title, Rudy Giuliani, Tim Tebow among oddball speaker lineup at next week’s Republican National Convention. It goes downhill from there with the very first sentence of their diatribe:

A bigoted former mayor, a failed quarterback, the co-founder of PayPal, and an astronaut will be among the B-list speakers at next week’s Republican National Convention.

Yeah, a "bigoted" mayor who during his term in office drastically reduced the crime and murder rate for all in New York City. As for the "failed quarterback," I would love to see Slattery and Edelman described football players who did not make the NFL draft as "failed." Better yet, I would like to see them say that to their faces. Most likely they would be "slattered" on the sidewalk.

Meanwhile from that low point of the first sentence, their article continues to go even lower in terms of bias:

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani — who has made headlines lately attacking the Black Lives Matter movement — is but one of the oddballs Donald Trump has invited to the GOP get-together.

Unprofessional oddballs Slattery and Edelman then take another  swing at Tebow. I mean they just can let his deep faith go by without the requisite condescending mention, right?

Evangelical free agent and one time Jets player Tim Tebow will also address the crowd at the gathering to seal the deal for Trump’s nomination as the party’s presidential candidate.

You're going to have to pinch yourselves as a reminder that this hate piece is supposed to be a news story, not an unhinged opinion rant:

Trump has promised to bring “showbiz” to the stage in Cleveland. But the lineup looks like it has the makings of a flop.

Just as this "news story" has all the makings of a flop. Sunk by extreme bias on the part of two completely unprofessional so-called reporters. Oh, and just how professional were the Daily News editors in allowing this example of highly biased hate speech disguised as a news story to be published?