Did Hillary Avoid Shaking Hands With Bernie After Democrat Debate?

Was this an angry snub of Bernie Sanders by Hillary Clinton right after the Democrat debate last night? It sure looks like it although there is a possibility that Hillary shook hands with Bernie before the camera was on them. However, judging from Bernie's body language in the video below, he seems to be expecting the almost obligatory handshake that Hillary pointedly did not give him on camera. 


As you can see, Hillary warmly shook hands with Martin O'Malley and NBC debate moderators Lester Holt and Andrea Mitchell. However, no handshake for Bernie even though you can see hovering near her as if expecting the handshake that did not come...at least on camera. All she gave him from what we could see was her very cold back.

So was this an example of Hillary's primal rage towards Bernie? No other source has yet noticed this incident but not much escapes the all-seeing Newsbusters Eye of Sauron.

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