Paul Krugman Claims 'ObamaCare Success' Based on One Unnamed Signup He Spoke to

Break out the confetti!

Strike up the band!

It's time for an "ObamaCare Success" victory parade!

And what was this "ObamaCare Success?" Why, it was Paul Krugman conveniently discovering ONE unnamed person who claims to have "signed up" for ObamaCare. Here is Krugman breathlessly describing this astounding "ObamaCare Success":

This morning I talked to someone who successfully signed up for Obamacare — with great difficulty, but she did succeed in the end. Since New Jersey is one of the states that defaulted to a fed-run exchange, this shows that people are starting to trickle through. I know, one example — but the plural of anecdote is data.

Oh, and she was very happy with the low cost.

Obviously they messed up the programming big time, which is kind of a shock. But this will get fixed, and Republicans believing that they’re going to be able to run against the program a year from now are going to do about as well as they did in believing that they could use a shutdown to defund the program.

Since Krugman's unnamed person should serve as Grand Marshal of the ObamaCare Success Victory Parade, shouldn't the New York Times columnist provide her name? Don't hold back, Paul. I'm guessing it was Chad Henderson's sister. And did she "sign up" in the same way Chad "enrolled" in ObamaCare? It's interesting that this Krugman anecdote (fable?) comes right on the heels of him being schooled about the ObamaCare train wreck on ABC's This Week on Sunday. So was this anecdote or desperate pushback?

In the meantime, if you want to be hailed with your own ObamaCare Success Victory Parade, just call Paul Krugman on the phone and claim to have signed up. You need not give your name.

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