'Democratic Underground' Users Claim Steven Crowder Caused Michigan Union Violence

December 12th, 2012 5:04 PM

Shame on Steven Crowder for brutally smashing his face down upon the tender closed fist of union member Tony Camargo.

Although the network news shows are carefully avoiding committing themselves to real journalism by not reporting on union violence in Michigan, those of us who have access to the censored news via the Web are well aware of what is actually happening. And in order to keep up the pretense that  the the unions are mere innocents in the drama unfolding in Michigan as you can see in this video of union thug Camargo throwing punches at Crowder, the DUers at the Democratic Underground have come up with excuses that are both bizarre and hilarious.


One excuse is that Camargo and his fellow thugs are not true unionists but in the pay of conservatives to act as provocateurs to make the unions look bad. Think I'm kidding? Then look at the very first sentence of the DU excuse thread:

I understand that at least part of the incident may have been due to paid provocateurs...

Perhaps the DUer who posted that excuse knew it wouldn't exactly fly and he quickly segued into admitting that, well, union violence is justifiable:

If workers in union shops stop paying dues, don't expect that to go unnoticed by the rank and file. Look for their cars to be decorated with spray-painted variations of "SCAB!" and "Freeloader!" Expect vandalism. Expect fistfights.

However, after this brief moment of unexpected veracity, the DUers relapsed into their bizarre excuse mode...by blaming Steven Crowder for causing the violence:

I am told that the FOX guy TOOK A SWING at a protester. If so, we will NEVER see the whole tape.

After watching the video, I'm betting it was Crowder who got physical first.

Of course, they cut the part of the video out that shows exactly how the fisticuffs started. Hmmmm. But when the video cut from arguing to brawling, it was the union guy who was getting up after being knocked to the ground, and engaging in some righteous retaliatory violence.

So Steven Crowder was the aggressor who violated the sacred purity of Tony Camargo according to DU theory. Unfortunately, despite hundreds of people on the scene with dozens of cameras, not one of them was able to record that sucker punch swing at sweet innocent Camargo. If Andrew Breitbart were still in this world perhaps he could have offered $100,000 for the video revealing Crowder delivering the first punch at "mild-mannered" Camargo.

Despite all the incredibly irrational comments made at DU about this incident, there was one very apt question poised by one DUer:

Everybody has a videocamera in their phone nowadays. Shouldn't there be some unedited footage out there?

To see even more DU rantings on how the violence was really Steven Crowder's fault, check out the DUmmie FUnnies.

It will be very interesting to see if Howard Kurtz covers the topic of the network news censoring union violence in Michigan on Reliable Sources this Sunday. Oh, and Howard, if you do tackle this subject, perhaps you should invite a DUer on the show to explain how it was really Steven Crowder who instigated the violence. Comedy relief is always appreciated.