Reuters Notes Anniversary of 'Failed' OWS Born With Extreme MSM Hype

Reuters has noted the one year anniversary coming this Monday of the Coffee Party, oops, I mean Occupy Wall Street. I can be forgiven for the error since both proved to be as big a flop as Joe Scarborough's No Labels. All of these failed movements had one other thing in common: they were given a boost at birth with extreme media hype. However, first the anniversary/obituary from Reuters:

(Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street marks its first anniversary on Monday, and, in a bid to rejuvenate a movement that has failed to sustain momentum after sparking a national conversation about economic inequality last fall, activists plan once again to descend on New York's financial district.

Despite its descent into insignificance, the OWS protestors will be throwing public conniption fits to let the world know that they still exist as much as the Wobblies or the WCTU or even the Coffee Party:

The group, which popularized the phrase "We are the 99 percent," will attempt to surround the New York Stock Exchange and disrupt morning rush hour in the financial district, according to a movement spokeswoman.

...At 7 a.m. Monday, some protesters will try to surround the NYSE, while others will engage in a loosely choreographed series of "sit-ins" at intersections throughout the financial district, according to OWS's website.

Yes, they must feel really down after the artificial buildup given to them by the MSM shortly after their birth last year. The most laughable of the media hype came from NBC's Bryan Williams with this OWS paean last October 5:

We begin tonight with what has become by any measure a pretty massive protest movement. While it goes by the official name ‘Occupy Wall Street,’ it has spread steadily and far beyond Wall Street, and it could well turn out to be the protest of this current era.


It will be interesting to see  if Williams will be performing a wake for OWS on Monday to mark the anniversary.

So what will be the ultimate legacy of the OWS "movement?" Yes, there was their participation in anarchistic activities including petty and serious terrorism. However, on a lighter note, they have also left us with entertaining comedic remembrances such as wiggly fingers hand signals and hilarious human microphones featured in this video:


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