Democrats Want Simpson-Bowles Question Barred From Presidential Debate

August 15th, 2012 1:01 PM

If you thought the Democrats would be satisfied with the fact that a solid phalanx of liberals have been chosen to moderate the presidential (and vice-presidential) debates, you would be wrong. Now they want to dictate what questions will be forbidden from being asked at the debates. I kid you not. The Politico reports on the question that the Democrats want to make taboo:

Some Democratic lawmakers want to make sure that one question does not get asked at the upcoming first presidential debate - about Simpson-Bowles.

Three Democratic House members objected Tuesday to a request by four senators that President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney be asked which of the commission’s proposals to address the debt they support. The Democrats said such a question would force “candidates to choose solutions from one menu of options.”

God forbid that the candidates be forced to deal with specifics about the debt. And apparently these Democrats just don't like the Simpson-Bowles commission:

The Democrats also criticized the Simpson-Bowles commission in their letter, saying that while it seeks to address the debt, it doesn’t address priorities in infrastructure, education, research and other investments, and that the plan “asks seniors, the middle class, and military personnel to sacrifice more, while those with the most are asked to do even less to help in our recovery.”

So what will be another question that the Democrats consider to be taboo? Perhaps no questions allowed about why the Democrats haven't proposed a budget for three years? The notion of prohibiting a debate question received an overwhelming negative response from the Politico readers. Here is a sampling of their response:

Nothing to see here folks - just a question that would make Obama look like a fool. Why do you ask? Well, after creating the commission, he failed to accept the findings and recommend to congress that they use it as a foundation for some action. Amazing how small this one questions shows our POTUS to be.

LOL, God forbid we have a discussion about our debt and reducing the deficit.

Don't ask Democrats tough questions... their heads will explode if they tell the truth.

How the President wasted millions on a commission he didn't want and to which he paid no attention. He kicked the can - again. Ask the question! May his toe hit concrete. The debates are not supposed to be warm and fuzzy. Times are tough because of the President's policies. Let him explain.

No questions on Obama/Biden's record or prior campaign promises. That should cover it.