New Republic Makes Suggestions for Newsweek Obama Gay Marriage Cover

The world awaits a momentous decision in a few days. According to the New Republic staff, Newsweek editor Tina Brown must decide what Newsweek cover to use to illustrate President Obama's announced support  for gay marriage. To aid Ms Brown in making her choice, the New Republic staffers provided a gallery of illustrations for the Newsweek cover including the Obama rainbow umbrella man at the top of this story.

You can see several of the New Republic suggested illustrations below the fold. I must give them credit for extreme creativity although I am slightly disappointed that they didn't suggest a Tinker Bell Obama with transparent wings hovering above us all while tinkling stimulus pixie dust over the land.


Putting Obama in the Village People as a construction worker was a stroke of genius on the part of the New Republic staff. It evokes memories of those shovel ready jobs that were promised three years ago.




The purple Teletubby Obama is another great suggestion since it suggests a patriotic "America the Beautiful" song:

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple teletubbies
Above the fruited plain!

Okay, close enough. And finally the Obama Muppet:



Check out the New Republic gallery links at the bottom of the article to see even more of their Newsweek cover suggestions. I sure do hope that Tina Brown chooses one of their illustration suggestions since they sure do seem to have their hearts set on this:

Since Tina Brown became editor of the newsweekly a year ago, it has earned something of a reputation for producing attention-grabbing covers. We can imagine Brown now, sitting in her office and mulling the options. The expectations are high (especially now that Time has beaten her at her own game), so we thought we’d offer some friendly suggestions. No need to thank us, Tina!

Perhaps there is no need for Tina to thank you but I sure would like to thank you for the incredible laughs (and I am rooting for her to choose the Obama rainbow umbrella man).

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