Colbert OWS Interviewee 'Ketchup' Reveals Self as Wacko

The "female-bodied person" named "Ketchup" as she identifies herself must have struggled mightily to suppress her inner loon while being interviewed by Stephen Colbert along with her camera hog Occupy Wall Street companion from Zuccotti Park, Justin Wedes. Although she unknowingly delivered a lot of comedy material such as her self-description and silly GroupThink hand, arm, and finger signals, Ketchup presented a rather calm demeanor thoughout the interview (video below the fold).  In fact, her dead serious manner was what originally kept me from believing that Ketchup was the same ranting person at the tail end of the infamous Edward T. Hall video despite the identical appearance.

Well, it turns out that according to The People's Cube, Ketchup and the crazed woman, oops, I mean female-bodied person in the Ted Hall video are one and the same.

Yes, she is deadly serious and emotionless in the video above but now observe Ketchup when she isn't putting on her calm game face for the benefit of Stephen Colbert at the 1:35 mark in the video below.


Quite a change, eh? In fairness to Ketchup, however, I don't agree with The People's Cube that she is a "stoner." I believe that Ketchup's bizarre behavior is the result of either a personality disorder or that she is just a flat out loon who has no need of drugs to explain her wildly alternating moods. As to her "male-bodied" companions, they do seem to have something in common, namely that they are privileged members of the Pretend Proletariat who engage in bored rich kids Fantasy Slumming at Zuccotti Park. While Edward T. Hall III is the beneficiary of a trust fund, it appears that Justin Wedes also comes from a wealthy bubble that has insulated him from his surroundings.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Wedes is from the plush Michigan community of Huntington Woods. A website describes Huntington Woods real estate as "some of the most expensive in Michigan" with a per capita income in the year 2000 of $45,264. Although Wedes worked for awhile as a teacher in New York, he is no longer employed so one wonders how he manages to live in that metropolitan area which is not cheap plus enjoy horseback riding vacations on the Caribbean island of Vieques. Apparently Justin is not among those oppressed by the EVIL corporations.

And does Ketchup have a female-bodied, finger wiggling sister named Mustard?

p.s. It will be interesting to see if Colbert presents the crazed Ketchup from the end of the Ted Hall video as a followup to his interview.

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