CNN: What Did Kiran Chetry Do That Made John Roberts Snap at Her on the Air?

Take a quick break from speculating about the outcome of the elections this November. There is a new topic that is causing quite a bit of speculation: just what did Kiran Chetry of CNN's American Morning do last Wednesday that caused co-host John Roberts to pause in the middle of introducing guest David Axelrod and snap at her in a fit of extreme irritability? Almost as funny watching it on TV was the fact that the moment was officially recorded in CNN's transcripts:


ROBERTS: Let me ask you first of all, David, before we get into the -- excuse me. You would mind not doing that while I'm talking? Thank you. I appreciate that. If you don't mind.

David if, I could just Terry Jones and this Quran burning that is planned for September 11th, what does the president think about that? Does the president -- is he as concerned about it as other members of his administration are?

That ire was aimed at Chetry, not Axelrod. So what was Kiran Chetry doing that so irritated Roberts? So far no reporting on this mystery from CNN although Mediate described the scene:

As Roberts introduced Pres. Obama’s senior adviser, he seemed distracted. “Let me ask you first of all,” pause, smile, restart. “Let me ask you first of all, David, if I could, before we get into the…”

Full stop. Then, Roberts turned to where Chetry was sitting next to him (she had been on camera earlier in the segment), and said, with Axelrod still in the double-box shot: “Would you mind not doing that while I’m talking? Thank you, I appreciate that.” Then, added for emphasis and sarcasm, “If you don’t mind.”

So, Dear Readers, what do YOU think Kiran Chetry did that set off John Roberts? Here are some possible Chetry actions that could have set off the conniption fit:

1. She was applying lipstick or makeup.

2. She was giving Roberts the Finger.

3. She was trying to cause Roberts to laugh by crossing her eyes.

4. She was grinding her teeth.

5. Polishing her nails.

Yes, these are all possibilities but my favorite would be:

6. She held up a copy of American Morning's incredibly low ratings.

The good news for CNN here is that this is a great opportunity to boost American Morning's basement ratings. They have the rest of today and all weekend to promo this incident on the Situation Room, Anderson Cooper 360, both John and Larry King, and Reliable Sources with a promise to reveal the tape on American Morning Monday of Chetry's actions that set off the rage in Roberts. Although that show's ratings will be doomed to sink again, they will at least temporarily enjoy a boost as viewers tune in to find out why John Roberts was not able to keep his anger in check.


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