Kathleen Parker Calls Townhall Demonstrators 'Fringe' and Tax Protesters 'Teabaggers'

Kathleen Parker has an interesting little shtick.

Few noticed her when she was writing from a conservative point of view...until she started attacking conservatives about a year ago. Then she went whole hog and has made a lucrative new career of attacking conservatives...while still going through the motions of pretending to be conservative. 

Parker's latest column on the topic of townhall protests is but the latest in her role of pretend conservative.  Here is how "conservative" Parker refers to those protesters:

Generally considered a fringe group, the demonstrators have been described derisively by Democratic leaders. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that some were "carrying swastikas." Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois and Chuck Schumer of New York have dismissed the protesters as irrelevant.

Generally considered a "fringe group" by whom? Apparently by the usual liberal suspects...and Kathleen Parker who recites the liberal talking points about the protesters:

It's easy to disregard such people, especially as reports surface that some of the protests have been coordinated by FreedomWorks, the Washington lobbying group of Dick Armey, the conservative former House majority leader. Also, a Connecticut fellow named Bob MacGuffie and four friends who formed a political action committee last year have been distributing a memo instructing people how to infiltrate town hall gatherings and harass Democratic members of Congress. 

Probably not one protester in a hundred ever heard of FreedomWorks or "a Connecticut fellow named Bob MacGuffie" but that hasn't stopped the liberals...and Kathleen Parker...from making the absurd case that the protesters are being orchestrated by them.

And now I shall introduce a word you have heard a lot of lately: "teabaggers." And who do you think uses that derisive term? If you answered far left liberals you would be correct. However, you now need to include Kathleen Parker among who use "teabaggers" which is a slang term for a bizarre sexual practice:

Though mired in the unemployment doldrums, none of my friends fit into the categories of outraged citizens known as "teabaggers" or "townhallers." Teabaggers are conservatives who staged tax protests this year; townhallers are those now confronting congressional leaders as they return home to chat up constituents. 

After insulting both the townhall and tea protesters, Parker then attempts to maintain a thin conservative veneer by suggesting that their anger is justified:

The town hall protests may be orchestrated, but nobody had to manufacture the anger on display. With unemployment at 9.4 percent, the dog days are beginning to feel like the dogs of war. 

If there were truth in advertising for newspaper columns, this one would contain this disclaimer: "Kathleen Parker is not a conservative, she just plays one in the media." 

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