Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: Innocent ACORN Defrauded by ACORN Workers

This is just too funny! Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been on a vote fraud shtick for at least two years ever since he began writing about how the Republicans "stole" the 2004 election (somehow they didn't bother to "steal" the elections in 2006). This year he is claiming that the Republicans are again trying to steal the election via "voter suppression." What Kennedy means is that when Republicans dare to challenge the vast number of fraudulent registrations submitted by ACORN, that is somehow "voter suppression." So how to explain the very obvious false registrations submitted by ACORN around the country in such large numbers that the FBI is investigating them? Kennedy has an answer that will induce bellylaughs. Before we get to his money quote laugh line, let me set up the scene where Kennedy was appearing on CNN's Larry King Live last Friday along with radio talk show host, Michael Reagan. Here is the transcript (emphasis mine):

LARRY KING: Bobby, let's discuss the article you've written in "Rolling Stone."

Allegations of -- do you fear a lot of voter fraud coming?

I know that today the Supreme Court went on your side and sided with Ohio's top election officials in a fight with the state Republican Party over voter registration. The judges overruled the lower court ruling that ordered the Ohio secretary of state to do more to help counties verify voter eligibility.

What are your concerns?

KENNEDY: Well, the voter eligibility issue really is a -- it's a sideshow, Larry. And all of this stuff that we've heard recently about ACORN falsely registering people, it's really not an issue our country. Over the past, since 2002, there's been 270 million people who have voted and there's only been 24 proven cases, across the country, of actual voter fraud.

The stuff that ACORN was involved in really was people who were working for ACORN defrauding ACORN.

You hear these stories about somebody filing 18 different registrations for the same person. Well, there's actually nothing illegal about that. You can file as many registrations as you want. It's only the last one that counts. And that, you know, they have Mickey Mouse registered or whatever.

But Mickey Mouse is not going to vote. It's really, you know, those people who are falsely registered -- it was people that ACORN hired that they were paying per registration that went to a phonebook and just copied down names or made up names and then collected their money from ACORN. But none of those people are actually going to show up and vote.

You know, David Iglesias, who was the prosecutor -- was the U.S. attorney under the Bush Justice Department for the State of New Mexico, was ordered by his boss, Alberto Gonzales, and by the Karl Rove machine in the White House to go out and prosecute voter fraud because they wanted to gin up this hysteria about it. He looked for two years. They gave him 100 names off of ACORN lists. He was not able to find a single case in New Mexico of anybody ever showing up and trying to vote twice or vote under somebody's name...

You got that? According to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., ACORN is not at fault for the massive numbers of fraudulent registrations they've submitted. No, it was the fault of all those nasty workers ACORN hired that soiled ACORN's simon pure reputation. Oh, and if you even dare to question those phony registrations, then you are guilty of "voter suppression." 

You can read Kennedy's absurd assertion that it is not ACORN but the big bad Republicans who are stealing the election in his overlong Rolling Stone fantasy, "Block the Vote." 

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