Only Blogosphere Currently Reporting on Jack Murtha Cancelling His Debate

October 16th, 2008 11:09 PM

Hot on the heels of Congressman Jack Murtha charging the voters of western Pennsyvania as being racists who will probably hurt Barack Obama in that state comes the breaking news this evening that Murtha has cancelled a scheduled debate set for tonight with his election opponent. Pretty big news but guess what? Your humble correspondent is currently unable to find this stunning information in any mainstream news outlet. All reports of this debate cancellation by Murtha has come entirely from the Blogosphere which the MSM has derided for years as being an "unreliable source" for information. Unreliable source? How about the only source? Since the MSM has once again fallen down on their news reporting job, here are the reports of this Murtha debate cancellation flooding in from the Blogosphere starting with PA Water Cooler:

On the heels of calling his constituents racists, Congressman Jack Murtha (D-Porksylvania) has cancelled his debate with Bill Russell.

Email from Peg Luksik, campaign manager for Bill Russell.


tonight’s debate has been cancelled. Apparently, Mr. Murtha does not want to face his constituents, but is okay with calling them racists.

Feel free to call EVERY news outlet/talk show/ blog you can think of and scream about this latest example of his unwillingness to even pay attention to his constituents.

Somehow that calling every news outlet thing hasn't quite worked out but many blogs are now carrying the story such as Ace of Spades HQ which included this rather humorous remark:

He didn't run away... he just redeployed to Okinawa.

And, of course, this story was also covered at that go-to place for all things Pennsylvania, GrassrootsPA, which was created and edited by Chris Lilik,  that "twenty-something blond-haired Polish/Ukrainian kid and fellow Pennsylvania political news junkie." GrassrootsPA also had some great comments from readers about Murtha's incendiary remarks:

Wait a minute here…He’s sorry for speaking what he truly believes about race and the people in his district.


He’s not sorry for slandering Marines and forcing them to go through months of public humiliation, only to be proven not guilty?

I have to wonder if this is a concerted demorcartic effort to make undecideds think that if they choose not to vote for Obama they are racist. They have been dropping this line about all sorts of things lately and I just don’t get it. If the polls were reveresed I would understand but he is winning, unless his internal polls are showing weakness along the race lines, which I have said on here before would not suprise me. After all I belive he is still losing in Allegheny County.

The MSM will eventually get around to reporting on the debate cancellation by Murtha but as of right now one has to rely on the "unreliable" blogosphere for reports on this story. And this is happening on many stories with increasing frequency. All too often, the MSM follows where the Blogosphere leads.