Enraged Leftwing Blogosphere Hurls Attacks Against Joe the Plumber

October 16th, 2008 1:17 PM

Joe the Plumber (Joe Wurzelbacher) seems to have committed a Thought Crime in the eyes of the leftwing Blogosphere by daring to question the Lightworker. As a result, and because his name was brought up several times by John McCain at the debate last night, Joe the Plumber has been the subject of a lot of rage at both the Democratic Underground and the Daily Kos. The title of the DU thread alone tells you just how angry the left is: "Hey, Joe 'The Dumbass' Plumber. Listen up!" And the Daily Kos thread is flat out incorrect: "'Joe the Plumber'" Not a Registered Voter." Sorry, Kossacks, but Joe the Plumber is registered to vote. He just prefers to use his middle name but you were too eager to smear him to consider that fact when poring through the Ohio voting records. Here is a sampling of leftwing anger directed at Joe the Plumber starting with the Democratic Underground:

So, Joe the Plumber. If you are too damned stupid to understand how Obama benefits you much more than McCain, then throw the American dream away and vote for McCain.

Sorry, I know this is stereotyping but he looks jackbootish to me... 

Have we found out yet that McCain paid this goof to ask Obama about his taxes? If so, I missed it so far. If not, I would not be surprised if we hear about that shortly. 

Joe the Plumber was a republican plant. OBVIOUS. Cameras ready. Gotcha moment. Then use in debate. Toss "joe" (wow, another Joe, how curious) on the day after morning shows. Nearly perfect ....... but too obvious. Joe listens to way too much talk radio. Too many rw talking points. 

Not to be outdone by the Democratic Underground in the Insane Rage department, the Daily Kos hurls accusations against Joe, including the incorrect charge that he's not registered to vote:

"Joe the Plumber" Not a Registered Voter 

Now, I realize that this has not been varified, but if this is true, and the MSM picks up on it, I honestly think that this may have damaging affects. McCain kept bringing him up, adding a new rule to drinking games. He is a household name now and then we find out he can't even vote.

If this is he, he is a registered voter...found a Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher in Holland, Ohio (near Toledo) on Lexis. He registered in 2002 as party affiliation "none declared." 

Oops! Well, so much for that charge but that doesn't stop the Kossacks from hurling yet more invective Joe's way:

The IRS, the FBI, and the FTC should be checking into this guy. 

This guy Joe may regret his 15 minutes of fame. Most of us have skeletons in the closet. Does he really want his revealed? 

You can read even more leftwing rage over Joe the Plumber for challenging the liberal assumptions of Barack Obama at the DUmmie FUnnies