Left Angered Over Erin Brockovich Praise for Sarah Palin

Julia Roberts might not be too happy when she finds out that the woman she portrayed in a movie of the same name, Erin Brockovich, is currently praising Sarah Palin. This is considered an act of treason by the left. And that is not the only "heresy" committed by Erin Brockovich who, until recently, was considered to be a "progressive." An article by John Vidal in the UK Guardian details Brockovich's "thought crimes" (emphasis mine):

...Although she rates herself as a leading environmentalist, she is extremely keen on Sarah Palin, the huntin', shootin' Alaskan governor running for vice president with the Republican candidate John McCain.

Environmentalists have painted Palin as the arch-enemy, to the right of Bush, because until last week she was denying climate change had anything to do with man, thought polar bears could go live on land and wants to see the Arctic drilled to within a quart of its oil.

But Palin is also being called the "Erin Brockovich of Alaska" and last week, on her blog, Brockovich came close to endorsing Palin. "Sure, she may be loud. So am I," she said. "Sometimes you've got to scream to get anyone to hear you. So what if her 17-year-old is pregnant? None of us should judge Sarah Palin for anything but her own actions."

What about her wanting to drill the arctic reserve? What about the bears and wolves that Palin shoots?

"No buts," says Brockovich. "The fact is that Sarah Palin positively emanates strength. She gives off the aura of being a strong woman who doesn't back down, and she does it sporting heels and wearing her family like a badge of honour. I am sure there are a million other women out there who are doing the same thing."

The blogosphere went wild, with people applauding or accusing. She denies moving to the right, pointing out that she's a registered Democrat, and says she'd be elated if asked to work with the Democrats. "But it's not about politics. I don't pick a person because they are a Republican or a Democrat but for the person. I like Obama. I like McCain. Both have strong points".

Her real beef is neither capitalism nor industry, Democrats nor Republicans, she says, but greed.

Erin Brockovich's other heresy is in supporting a (gasp!) Republican for the state senate in California. Brockovich, in her blog, explains:

...I am endorsing a local Senate candidate named Tony Strickland.

Tony Strickland is a friend of mine and a Republican. He is also for green energy and would make a great Senator.

The idea that we can't cross party lines is ridiculous.

So just how angry is the left at Brockovich's "heresy" in expressing admiration for Palin as well as endorsing a Republican? You can get a pretty good idea by taking a look at the Democratic Underground.  Here are a few sample rantings:

Who would have thought that Erin would be this stupid?

I think it's more an attitude of....we former bimbos have got to stick together.

Then Brockovich Isn't Too Bright Either and they are both too ignorant to live.

She was in those beauty competitions too...and quite the FRAUD

I think Erin Brockovich will soon find out, if she hasn't already, that her invites to mingle with the Hollywood glitterati will be quickly drying up. Any admiration expressed for Sarah Palin is considered taboo by most celebs whether in Hollywood or in the liberal media.

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