'Undecided' Miami Herald Columnist Slams McCain, Praises Obama

Can anybody out there figure out whom "undecided" Miami Herald columnist Myriam Marquez will ultimately vote for in the November election? Gee. It is really tough to figure it out but perhaps we can investigate a few elusive clues starting with the title of her column, "McCain must move past old Bush mantra." Hmm... Not enough information there. Perhaps we can discover Marquez's preference by analyzing her column which discusses the appearences of both candidates at the VFW convention in Orlando. First the money quote from Ms Marquez:

Still on the fence, like so many other undecided Americans, I'm hoping to see McCain move beyond the old Bush mantra of ''you're either with us or against us'' and patch this blue-state and red-state quilt into one proud nation again.

Ooh! She's on the fence and undecided. Right now, after viewing that Bush slam and the title, I still have absolutely no idea whom Marquez will vote for. Let us first investigate what she had to say about John McCain:

I've always liked McCain's independent style, but the statesman seems to have morphed into an intransigent mini-Bush.

So is that a favorable or unfavorable view of McCain? Ms Marquez's words are just too elusive to figure out at this point. Now on to what she said about Barack Obama: 

...Obama made that point to rousing applause from the vets Tuesday. It was a defining moment for those of us who aren't tied to one political party or another. To question the reasons we went to war in Iraq, to call on a timetable for withdrawal, Obama said, should never be interpreted as making an easy political call, even if most Americans agree with it.

Nice to know that Marquez isn't "tied to one political party or another." Her virginal neutrality remained completely unblemished by the comment that Obama's statement was a "defining moment." I am still in the dark as to whom Marquez really supports so let us analyze more of her column:

The buzz outside the convention center's cavernous hall was split. Democrats had their man; Republicans had theirs. But it was the undecided, even in this strongly pro-GOP crowd, who told me they were pleasantly surprised with Obama's spunk.

I've put on my Sherlock Holmes cap and am still mystified about whom Marquez supports. Is the mention of that "strongly" pro-GOP crowd who told Marquez (no names used) that they were "pleasantly surprised with with Obama's spunk" some sort of clue? And who would that favor?

Come on, Myriam. Don't keep us in suspense. Please tell us who you will ultimately vote for in November. Pretty please!

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