Reuters Comes Out of the Closet, Actively Opposes Minn. Gay Marriage Ban

Leading news agency Thompson Reuters has come out of the closet regarding its support for gay causes: it has declared its open opposition to a proposed constitutional amendment in Minnesota to ban gay marriage. reported that Reuters officials Mike Suchsland and Rick King sent an e-mail to its employees, declaring: “We believe the Minnesota Marriage Amendment, if passed, would limit our ability to recruit and retain top talent. For this reason, we do not believe that the Amendment would be good for Thomson Reuters or the business community in the state.”

In the same e-mail, Reuters claimed that its decision was business-related, and denied any that it was engaging in political activism. The e-mail read: “It's important to note that as a news organization, Thomson Reuters is dedicated to upholding our Trust Principles and does not advocate political or religious positions. Rather, our perspective on the Amendment is a business position.”

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