WashPost’s Cillizza Calls Out Bloomberg For Hurting His Own Gun Control Push

April 17th, 2014 5:59 PM

In a Wednesday post for his The Fix blog, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza smacked down former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg over his anti-gun crusade.

Cillizza pointed out that, while the mayor holds a lofty opinion of himself, he doesn’t realize how much he is disliked outside of his city, adding:

It seems quite clear... that Bloomberg doesn't fully grasp how he is viewed by many people outside of major cities and the Northeast. While many in New York City -- and in wealthy circles around the country -- revere Bloomberg's business acumen, commitment to public service and open-pocketed philanthropy, he is, for many people outside of those enclaves, the living, breathing symbol of the sort of nanny government they loathe.

Cillizza referenced Bloomberg’s attempts to ban large sodas and cajole restaurants into phasing out artificial trans fats. He reiterated the mayor’s problem with mainstream America:

Bloomberg's issue is that among the people he needs to convince -- many of whom are Republican-leaning women/moms -- he is regarded as the sort of crusader for the idea that government solves your problems, an idea with which they disagree.

It was nice to see Cillizza, a frequent MSNBC guest, call out the liberal Bloomberg for being his own worst enemy.