Candy Crowley Asks Rand Paul If He’d Consider Becoming a Democrat

Does Candy Crowley work for CNN or the Democratic Party?

It was tough to tell Sunday when after the State of the Union host asked guest Rand Paul (R-Ky.) if recent polling indicated the beginning of the end of the Republican Party, she actually asked him if he’d ever consider becoming a Democrat (video follows with transcript and commentary):

During her conversation with Paul, Crowley predictably showed a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showing Republicans taking the brunt of the blame for the recent government shutdown.

“Do you think, as many have now started talking about, and I grant you a lot of them are Democrats, that there has been irreparable harm done to the Republican Party?” asked Crowley. “People talking about how this is the beginning of the end of the Republican Party as we know it.”

So now this CNN host is even admitting that she’s using Democrat talking points on a Republican guest.

Paul just laughed and said, “I think our demise is a little bit overstated. I would say that both parties are going to catch a lot of blame on this.”

Crowley pressed, “Do you agree that Republicans are taking a lot?”

“Well, I think both are,” responded Paul, “and I think Democrats who think this is a parlor game, who think this is fun, here’s what the Democrats think. They think we'll send a bunch of government workers out there to close off the roadside viewing of Mt.Rushmore because that is funny. I don't think it is funny, and I think that Democrats and Republicans are going to catch blame.”

Then came the money question from Crowley.

“Do you see yourself at any point in the future being anything other than politically a member of the Republican Party?”

Paul once again laughed and said, “You mean, you're implying a third party or some other party?

“Or if you wanted to become a Democrat,” Crowley actually clarified. “There are lots of sort of parties out there. Just wonder if you see yourself being anything other than a Republican?”

Paul once again laughed and responded, “No. I've always been a Republican, and I'm one of those people who actually is a real lover of the history of the Republican Party from the days of abolition through the days of civil rights. Republican Party has a really rich history. In our state, I'm really proud of the fact that the ones who overturned Jim Crowe in Kentucky were Republicans fighting against an entirely unified Democrat Party. So I am proud to be Republican. I can't imagine being anything else.”

Bravo, Senator.

As for Crowley, CNN really needs to consider putting a D next to her name whenever it appears on screen because her behavior lately indicates that at this stage of her career, she’s nothing but a Democratic shill.

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