CBS News: Man Tries For Week to Sign Up For ObamaCare With No Success

October 9th, 2013 12:30 AM

The CBS Evening News aired a stunning report Tuesday about a Dallas man that’s been trying for a week to sign up for ObamaCare and still has not been successful.

“I don’t accept the excuse of saying the system is just overloaded,” he said (video follows with transcript and commentary):

SCOTT PELLEY, HOST: One week after the debut of the most visible part of ObamaCare, the health insurance exchanges, Americans are still having trouble signing up. The main government website was shut down overnight for another upgrade, but the problems persist. We asked Anna Werner to have a look.

ANNA WERNER: It’s been a frustrating week for Matt Warren in Dallas. He’s still fighting his way through the registration process on to find out how much a plan will cost his family.

MATT WARREN: I don’t accept the excuse of saying the system is just overloaded. Perhaps it was overloaded, but I wish it would have been built to withstand that load.

WERNER: Many of the site’s eight million visitors could not log in, had long waits, or were stopped cold by error messages. The site was supposed to handle traffic from 30 million people in 36 states.

The two minute segment did end on a bright note with a Brooklyn shoe designer being able to purchase insurance at the New York state exchange.

However, it sure was fascinating to see CBS actually tell viewers that someone has tried for a full week to sign up at the national exchange without any success.

(HT Weasel Zippers)