MSNBC's Goldie Taylor: CNN's Don Lemon a 'Turn Coat Mofo' for Agreeing With O'Reilly on Race

July 28th, 2013 6:27 PM

As NewsBusters predicted Saturday, CNN's Don Lemon has taken a lot of heat for agreeing with Fox News's Bill O'Reilly about what are some of the causes of strife in the black community.

One of Lemon's most outspoken detractor's was MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor who continued her Twitter rant Saturday evening:

Roland Martin also voiced his displeasure with his former colleague, but for different reasons:

Those familiar with Martin shouldn't be surprised by the absurdity of his remarks.

First, The O'Reilly Factor is the highest rated program on cable news and has been for over a decade. It often quadruples the number of viewers its nearest competitor garners.

As such, O'Reilly doesn't need publicity from a Saturday CNN program that likely few people watched.

Quite the contrary, it was brilliant of Lemon to involve O'Reilly in his commentary for it has brought significantly greater attention to it.

What likely would have been lost on maybe 200,000 viewers has now turned into a social media sensation so much so that Lemon for over an hour has been teasing his upcoming response to the firestorm his comments caused.

It wouldn't surprise me if Lemon currently has twice as many people watching him anchor CNN Newsroom than normal.

NewsBusters of course will report on that if anything new happens.

Stay tuned.