Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Ad for New Host: 'Any Race Except Caucasian'

You think it's tough being a white man in America today?

The next time you ponder that, consider a casting call advertisement placed on Craigslist Monday for a new kids show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation requesting interested actors be "Any race except Caucasian":

Wow! That's a fine how do you do!

Imagine the outrage if any race had been excluded EXCEPT Caucasians!

The National Post reported Monday:

A new version of the ad removes the race reference, but maintains the sex and age restrictions and that applicants “must be able to carry a tune,” “ability to dance or move well is a bonus,” and should be “not afraid to show a silly side,” among others.

The revised casting call was issued and the Craigslist ad deleted Monday after critics on Twitter started questioning the restriction.

Thomas Lifson commented Wednesday:

It would be wonderful to pretend that this sort of thing only happens in Canada, and not south of the border. It would also be wonderful to pretend that a thumb is not on the scale against Caucasians in this (and many other) job offerings. This is a sign of the times, the era of state-sponsored racism.

So much for the "post-racial society" we were promised if Barack Obama became president.

(HT Fox Nation)

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