David Brooks: Ted Cruz 'Has a Face That Looks a Little Like Joe McCarthy'

NewsBusters reported Sunday the media's chorus to silence Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx.) is growing louder.

As fate would have it, at roughly the same time, David Brooks was sitting down for a chat with PBS’s Jeff Greenfield at the 92nd Street Y during which the New York Times columnist said, “It doesn’t help that [Cruz] has a face that looks a little like Joe McCarthy” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

After Greenfield brought up the Texas Senator, Brooks said, “So Ted Cruz is, just violates my sense. And I think if you mention the name Ted Cruz to other Senators, you just get titanic oceans of eye-rolling, because you’re a freshman, you don’t go in and take over hearings. Like hang around and learn how it’s done.”

“It’s like the most un-conservative act to come in two weeks into the job and decide the Senate exists for you to take it over,” Brooks continued. “And so I think he’s made a lot of enemies. It doesn’t help that he has a face that looks a little like Joe McCarthy actually. So, I just, I find him a little off-putting,”

And this from one of the New York Times's so-called “conservative contributors.”

Of course, he's not the first to link Cruz to McCarthy.

A Google search of their names produced 916,000 article results and a slew of images of the pair.

Given that McCarthy is almost the devil as far as liberal media members are concerned, they sure do put in a lot of overtime smearing their opponents with such a connection.

(HT Mediaite)

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