Morgan Freeman: I Can Get Obama on the Phone If I Want To

Barack Obama is considered to be one of the least accessible presidents in decades.

Despite this, Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman told NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno that he can get the President on the phone if he wants to (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Early in their interview, Leno brought up Freeman’s relationship with Obama.

“Do you get access?” he asked. “Can you pick up the phone and get the president on the phone?”

Without any hesitation or batting an eye, Freeman replied with earnest, “Yeah, if I want to.”

“Really?” asked a surprised Leno.

“Yeah,” Freeman deliberately replied appearing quite serious.

He later joked, “He has enough on his plate without getting calls from me asking him, ‘Yo, what's going on, bro?’”

Now imagine the implications if Freeman is correct.

Obama spent much of his first term almost totally ignoring Republican Congressional leaders. Many reports claim he hasn’t been very accessible to members of his own Party.

When Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) recently had lunch with the President, he commented that this was the first time he’s had any serious discussions with Obama.

The current White House resident has also been known to snub visiting foreign dignitaries such as Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.

But if an Oscar-winning actor that so happens to be a contributor calls, “Put him through.”

If we had a media that wasn’t completely in the tank for this president, they’d better understand why none of the problems in the country are being addressed.

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