Oops! MSNBC Regular Says Cheney 'Failed to Get Osama Bin Laden in Bora Bora'

In today's "Can Someone Help Me Get My Foot Out of My Mouth" segment, the astonishingly pompous and self-righteous MSNBC regular Julian Epstein made an absolutely delicious faux pas Monday while excoriating the character and accomplishments of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

In an appearance on the Martin Bashir Show, Epstein derisively described Cheney as "a guy who failed to get Osama bin Laden in Bora Bora" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JULIAN EPSTEIN: When it comes to making comments on choosing staff, Dick Cheney is the national gargoyle. He was the only guy ever in charge of a VP selection process who ended up choosing himself. But, you know, the hypocrisy here is just mind-blowing. Here is: a guy going after two decorated war veterans who himself had five determents; who was quoted in the papers as saying when it came to his own military service that he had better things to do; a guy who lied us into war in Iraq; a guy who mismanaged the effort in Afghanistan by ignoring it a great deal of the time; a guy on whose watch 9/11 occurred.

I mean, here is a guy that had, a guy who failed to get Osama bin Laden in Bora Bora. Here is a guy who had so many failures on his watch in foreign policy going after two decorated war veterans and an administration record that's been extraordinarily successful not just in Iraq, Afghanistan, in going after al Qaeda, and getting Osama bin Laden. I mean, it is just mind-blowing how hypocritical and out of touch these guys are, and listening to Dick Cheney give you advice on foreign policy, I mean, that is a new, that is just a new low.

I just so happen to have a picture of bin Laden that suggests Epstein might be right:

That looks ever so much nicer than the cave complex named TORA BORA buried in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan that bin Laden was hiding in after 9/11:

You can see why bin Laden preferred Bora Bora.

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