Bill Maher: Trayvon Martin Killer George Zimmerman Is Guest Speaker at GOP Convention Thursday

Bill Maher made a truly disgusting comment on NBC's Tonight Show Wednesday.

After host Jay Leno asked who he thought the mystery guest speaker would be at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Thursday night, Maher quickly replied without any hesitation, “George Zimmerman” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):


Despite this being met with very tepid, nervous laughter and absolutely no applause, Leno actually chuckled. Says a lot that he found this funnier than the audience which Maher had commented moments earlier was obviously quite liberal.

“I got a guess,” responded the host after collecting himself. “I’m guessing Clint Eastwood.”

Maher sighed, “Clint Eastwood? Oh, please. You know, I’m such a fan of his movies. Don’t ruin it for me.”

Actually, before Maher became a liberal shill, I was a fan of his.

As such, his behavior since the nation was attacked on 9/11 ruined it for me and likely many others.

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