Rudy Giuliani: If Biden Were a Republican Making These Gaffes 'He'd Be Plastered All Over the Media'

August 19th, 2012 1:09 PM

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said something on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday that is such a metaphysical certitude it should be an embarrassment for all so-called journalists across the fruited plain.

"If [Joe Biden] were a Republican, if Sarah Palin made that level of mistakes, Dick Cheney, he'd be plastered all over the media" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

DAVID GREGORY, HOST: You mentioned the thrust and the parry of the campaign this week, and Vice President Biden raising a lot of eyebrows talking about how Romney/Ryan would “put y’all back in chains” was his quote. He went out of his way to say there was no racial implication in all that. You've been tough on Vice President Biden. You said he doesn't have the mental capacity should he become president, that he's not too bright. What's the impact of something like this this week?

RUDY GIULIANI: Well, I was astounded by his remarks. When I first heard it, I didn't see -- I didn't see the -- the tape. I just heard it. And I was really startled by it. I thought, “This is a really dumb remark.” And that's why I said he's not so bright, and you wonder. And it isn’t just that comment. I mean, Joe is, Joe is a laugh line on Jay Leno. He's not a vice president. I mean, he's a joke. You never know what he's going to say.

In one week he thought he was in the wrong state, he thought he was in the wrong century, he didn't know that Paul Ryan was a congressman, and of course he said this awful thing. The other three I don't know. Everybody makes mistakes, but Joe seems to make a disproportionate number of mistakes.

And I really do believe, and don't get offended because Republicans believe this, we all believe this, we believe we're treated more unfairly by the media than Democrats. I truly believe if that were a Republican, if Sarah Palin made that level of mistakes, Dick Cheney, he'd be plastered all over the media. The New York Times would go nuts. They'd be raising questions about is he smart enough, what's going on, how does a guy make so many mistakes? Is he fit to be president? That's really why I said it because I wanted to even up the score.

The fact is what Giuliani said was undeniable.

As such, exactly how do today's so-called journalists square this from a professional standpoint?

Or does that even matter anymore?