Ed Schultz: Most Under-Covered Story Right Now Is Wealthy Not Paying 'Fair Share' of Taxes

Although it may not surprise NewsBusters readers, it appears MSNBC's Ed Schultz doesn't pay any attention to what he says, what others on his network report, or what is covered by any mainstream media outlet.

What else could be the explanation for Schultz claiming in an interview with Talking Points Memo that the most under-covered story in the country right now is wealthy people not paying their "fair share" of taxes (question in bold):

What’s the most under-covered story right now?

That the wealthy doesn’t pay their fair share. I used to be in the middle class, now I’m in the 1 percent. I can’t believe the tax cuts that are available. I’m living it. I can tell you that it wouldn’t affect me a bit if the rates went to 39 percent. Most of the people in the major media are in the 1 percent. There aren’t any poor cable hosts.

For how many months have the press focused on the so-called "Buffett Rule" as well as the complaints about "one percenters" by the ne'er-do-wells at Occupy protests around the country?

It's practically been 24/7 on Schultz's own so-called news network and throughout the liberal media.

Yet this nincompoop says this is the most under-covered news story right now.

Gives you quite a sense as to the pulse Schultz has on what's being reported.

On the other hand, given how little he knows about what's happening in his own industry, it shouldn't be all that surprising he also has no clue what's going on in the nation.

Explains a lot when you think about it.

(HT TVNewser)

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